Cup today. Paper tomorrow

Coffee cups across the UK will be saved from landfill and commercially recycled into paper, with the introduction of Detpak’s RecycleMe™ system.

This ground-breaking recycling collection system closes the loop for the industry and guarantees collected paper cups will be counted and recycled into high quality paper products.

The revolutionary takeaway coffee cups feature an innovative next generation lining called EarthCoating® which uses 43% less plastic than traditional UK paper cups and allows them to be easily processed into recycled paper products using conventional paper recycling equipment. 

With more than two and a half billion paper cups sent to landfill each year in the UK Detpak’s Product Marketing Manager Kristin Camery said the RecycleMe™ system promotes a longer life for the paper cups and supports a circular economy to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value for as long as possible.

“Our RecycleMe™ collection system is a total end to end solution, turning takeaway cups into recycled paper products, and contributing to positive global environmental change,” Kristin said. 

Detpak has aligned with industry partner Shredall Ltd in the UK to collect, sort and recycle the cups as part of an existing national collection system in the United Kingdom. 

“Shredall currently has 13,000 collection points around the UK and will support the establishment of additional collection stations for RecycleMe™ cups”, said Shredall Sales Director Nik Williams. 

Unlike traditional plastic-coated paper cups which end up in the landfill or at select recyclers who claim to be processing them into various products using specialty infrastructure, but often unwilling to share full details, the RecycleMe™ system is designed to provide a guarantee and transparency of the recycling process.” 

In a UK first, Shredall will also be providing a collection service and recycling commitment for RecycleMe™ coffee cup lids. 

The RecycleMe™ system was officially launched to customers in the United Kingdom on Thursday 20 September and supported by barista champions from both Australia and the UK at an exclusive event at Taylor St Barista’s roastery. 

Andrew Tolley Co-Founder Taylor St Baristas announced they will be the first to launch into the UK market “The RecycleMe™ system will allow our customers to continue to experience the convenience of takeaway coffee without contributing to landfill. It’s a solution we can feel good about offering in our cafes”.

The RecycleMe™ system will be in cafes in Australia and New Zealand from November and Detpak are now taking orders for United Kingdom customers for launch in late 2018.

RecycleMe™ Cup today. Paper tomorrow. 

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About Shredall Ltd 
Shredall is the UK’s largest independently owned secure documentation service owned document-management company in the UK with a strong reputation service and the recycling of paper. Shredall currently service all of the UK and have collection partners globally.