EarthBoard is a premium, bright, white paperboard barrier material that’s engineered for recyclability.

EarthBoard® is an innovative paperboard composite material comprised of a bright, white, mineralized, low density polyethylene surface on recycled, post-consumer and/or non-bleached virgin fiberboards.

EarthBoard is a recyclable paperboard material that delivers a premium print surface comparable to virgin bleached fiberboards along with water, moisture, oil, and grease barrier performance.

Ideal for all types of folding carton applications including cosmetics, electronics, toys, health & beauty and more, EarthBoard may be used in support of your sustainable packaging initiatives without sacrificing on cost, aesthetics or performance.

Packaging made from EarthBoard often qualifies for the “Widely Recycled” How2Recycle* mark. *How2Recycle marks are subject to SPC approval. All inquiries should be directed to

To learn more, download our EarthBoard One Sheet and give us a call today to discuss your next project.


FAQ'S About EarthCoating

EarthCoating is a highly mineralized resin technology that may be used as an alternative to traditional plastic coatings for a variety of paper based packaging applications across several market segments. 

What products are ideal for EarthBoard?

Ideal packaging applications for EarthBoard include folding cartons for high end cosmetics, electronics, toys, heath & wellness and other paperboard packaging applications where using recycled paperboard is of interest without compromising aesthetics or functionality. For more information, visit our Applications page.

Where is EarthBoard available?

EarthBoard is available through select licensees and preferred vendors throughout the world. To learn more, visit our Preferred Vendors page or contact Todd Gasparik at 949-610-7063 or

Is EarthBoard FDA compliant for direct food contact?

Yes, EarthBoard is FDA compliant for direct food contact. (a copy of the FDA compliance letter is available upon request)

Is EarthBoard CONEG compliant?

Yes, EarthBoard is CONEG compliant. (a copy of the CONEG compliance is available upon request)

Is there an MSDS sheet for EarthBoard?

Yes, an EarthBoard MSDS form is available upon request.

Is EarthBoard repulpable?

Yes, paperboard packaging made using EarthBoard are engineered to be recycled through existing paper recycling streams without any modification, special handling.

All environmental claims in the US are subject to FTC Green Guides. Prior to making any environmental claims on your package, we encourage to you to contact Smart Planet Technologies. To learn more, please contact Todd Gasparik at 949-610-7063 or to discuss the specific details of your project.

Is EarthBoard compostable?

Smart Planet Technologies offers a variety of custom mineralized resin blends designed to meet specific criteria such as compostability. To learn more about our compostable barrier coating options, contact Todd Gasparik at 949-610-7063 or

Does EarthBoard heat seal?

Yes, when compared to paperboards with 100% LDPE, EarthBoard has enhanced heat seal capabilities and may be run at standard high line speeds. (3rd party heat seal testing results are available upon request)

Does EarthBoard provide barrier performance?

When compared to paperboards with 100% LDPE, EarthBoard provides superior moisture, oil, grease and fatty acid barrier performance. (3rd party barrier testing results are available upon request – i.e. MVTR, Cobb, Canola Oil, 3M Kit Test etc.)

How much does EarthBoard cost?

EarthBoard pricing depends on which fiberboard substrate is used. For additional questions, please contact Todd Gasparik at 949-610-7063 or

Why hasn’t my packaging company or paper mill told me about EarthBoard?

While some packaging converters may simply not be aware of EarthBoard, we’re happy to bring them up to speed on all of the benefits associated with using it. Keeping in mind that EarthBoard is made using recycled fiberboard, virgin paper mills may see this product as competitive. To learn more, contact Todd Gasparik at 949-610-7063 or