The Smart Planet Technologies trademark (™) and registered (®) artwork files are provided here to assist our licensees, printers and converters in the use of our proprietary marks and language. Each logo is available in a PDF and EPS file formats. Please click on the link below to download the SPT logos:

Symbol Size & Typeface:

The symbol must not be reproduced below 1.75” width x .625” height. The elements of the symbol must always be in the proportions shown on this page regardless of size.

Use of the Symbol with Other Matter:

The SPT logo symbols must not be altered in any way other than color. It must be spaced appropriately so as to be seen as legible, distinct, and not associated with other symbols, markings or unrelated text that may appear on packaging.


The SPT logo symbols must appear as a single solid color or specific Smart Planet Technologies approved, double solid colors (see double solid color logo attached) or when using the symbol on a dark background, may appear as white reverse.

For questions, to obtain a file format which is not currently listed or to obtain artwork specifications for additional SPT logos, please submit your request to