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EarthCoating® comes up aces, as recyclable paper cup awarded with highest level, “Triple A” certification for recyclability from The Green Dot

An unparalled achievement in sustainability has been reached as UK’s reCUP recyclable paper cup with EarthCoating, has been awarded the highest possible, “Category AAA Recyclable” certification per The Green Dot (Der Grune Punkt) recycling standards. In addition, the paper cups are classified for recycling compatibility and collection streams alongside premium uncoated paper grades such as office paper. The Green Dot recognizes standards for recyclability claims in 31 countries including the UK and Ireland. 

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Muscle Maker Grill and Pie-Not adopt universally recyclable paperboard foodservice packaging

As global demand for increased recycling rates and plastic reduction in single use packaging continues to grow, US-based restaurants and coffeehouses are doing their part for the environment by adopting the reCUP® recyclable paper cup and other recyclable paperboard foodservice products, made with EarthCoating® barrier coating. The most recent are Muscle Maker Grill with 40 locations, and Pie-Not with two locations.

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Canary Wharf Group aims sights on recyclable paper cups made with EarthCoating® in support of plastic reduction and increased recycling rates

As global demand for a sustainable solution in paper cup waste continues to rise, Canary Wharf Group in London, England has decided to conduct trials for a paper cup made with EarthCoating® which is said to use 43% less plastic than traditional paper cups and be easily pulped into recycled paper using conventional paper recycling equipment.

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