Smart Planet Technologies introduces EarthLabel solution for adhesive label applications

Newport Beach, CA, December 20, 2013 - Smart Planet Technologies, Inc., a leader in innovative materials that address sustainability challenges in packaging, today announces the marketplace introduction of EarthLabel™, a solution for use in adhesive label applications. EarthLabel is an adhesive label utilizing a barrier coating between the paper and adhesive, providing a protective moisture barrier for wet conditions.  EarthLabel incorporates EarthCoating®, a superior barrier coating to 100% polyethylene, providing improved barrier performance while reducing plastic content.  White Wine bottles and Beer bottles are optimal applications for EarthLabel, as the barrier layer is needed to protect the underlying adhesive across the entire label in wet conditions.

EarthLabel was developed for use by Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, as they sought a solution to provide protection for their white wine labels in wet conditions.

“Our Snoqualmie brand is a great fit for the EarthLabel”, says Les Wallace, Packaging Manager for Ste. Michelle Wine Estates.  “The 100% PCW paper in combination with the Smart Planet EarthCoating delivers a high quality pressure-sensitive (self-adhesive) label material that will meet key performance requirements for our Snoqualmie wines regardless of the storage conditions. On the shelf, in a fridge, water or ice, we know the labels are going to look great.  Our current plan is to transition to the EarthLabel material in the first quarter of 2014”, says Wallace.

“EarthCoating continues to prove itself as a superior technology to 100% polyethylene in various barrier coating applications.  We applaud Ste. Michelle Wine Estates for their involvement and support in adopting this breakthrough technology to improve performance and the environmental footprint of their white wine labels”, says Chris Tilton, Chief Technology Officer of Smart Planet Technologies.

About Smart Planet Technologies

Smart Planet Technologies is a materials intellectual property company focused on sustainability for the packaging industry. Our innovative technologies are focused to conserve precious natural resources and provide high quality, environmental alternatives across a wide variety of packaging applications.  Smart Planet Technologies is a partner with Standridge Color Corporation of Social Circle, GA in the commercial availability of EarthCoating. For more information, please visit our website at

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Todd Gasparik, Director of Business Development, Smart Planet Technologies, Inc.

About Snoqualmie Winery

Snoqualmie winery, named after the mountain pass that serves as the gateway to Washington wine country, has been making wines that reflect the balance and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest for more than two decades. It is Snoqualmie Winemaker Joy Andersen’s belief that taking good care of vineyards and local environment are essential steps towards advancing the natural quality of the Northwest and to making the best wines possible.  All of Snoqualmie’s wines are made using sustainable and organic practices and each tier is designed to showcase the best winemaking techniques and vineyard selections. Additionally, Snoqualmie was one of first wineries in the state to craft wines from USDA-certified organically grown grapes from which our Naked tier is exclusively developed. Today, Snoqualmie has the largest certified organic vineyard in the state.

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Lynda Eller, Director of Communications, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates