Smart Planet Technologies Introduces New Barrier Coating as PVdC Coating Replacement

New, alternative coating provides a cost-effective, environmentally-friendlier solution for select folding carton packaging applications Newport Beach, CA.-- April 16, 2013-- Smart Planet Technologies, Inc., a leader in innovative coatings that address sustainability challenges in packaging, announces a new coating, EarthCoating™ Hyperbarrier 40 (HB40™), providing a cost-effective, environmentally-friendlier alternative to hazardous Polyvinilidene Chloride (PVdC) coatings in barrier folding carton packaging.

PVdC coatings are known for excellent barrier performance in folding carton packaging applications, such as dry laundry detergent packaging, however, PVdC coatings can release dioxins and furans if incinerated. The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (, an international environmental treaty with 152 member country signatories, seeks to eliminate chemicals such as PVdC that can produce dioxins and furans.

The EarthCoating HB40™ resin is a non-toxic, cost-effective coating blend, which outperforms PVdC coatings, without any dioxin or furan-producing compounds. EarthCoating HB40™ is FDA-compliant for direct food contact.

EarthCoating HB40™ is easily integrated into the existing supply chain. Paperboard materials using EarthCoating HB40™ can be die-cut, folded and glued using existing converting machinery. EarthCoating HB40™ can be extrusion-coated using existing equipment and at standard commercial production line speeds.

“By outperforming PVdC coatings, improving the environmental footprint of the packaging, and being cost-effective, EarthCoating HB40™ makes the case for a great reduction in the use of PVdC as a coating, globally” said Chris Tilton, chief technology officer for Smart Planet Technologies™, Inc.


Smart Planet Technologies is a materials intellectual property company focused on sustainability for the packaging industry. Through innovation, our technologies are focused to conserve precious natural resources and provide high quality, environmental alternatives to a wide variety of rigid, flexible, barrier liners, and other packaging applications. For more information, please visit our website at


Todd Gasparik, Smart Planet Technologies