Smart Planet Technologies and Printwinner announce breakthrough in sustainability in packaging with commercial availability of paper cups with EarthCoating

Paper Cups achieve success in recyclability testing while reducing plastic content Newport Beach, CA, August 11, 2014 – Smart Planet Technologies, Inc., a leader in innovative materials that address sustainability challenges in packaging, and Printwinner, a printing and packaging distribution company,  announce commercial availability of paper hot cups using EarthCoating®.   The cups can be ordered through PrintWinner’s website at

EarthCoating is a highly mineralized coating providing high barrier and heat seal performance while containing 40% less plastic than traditional 100% polyethylene coatings.  EarthCoating is engineered for processing within the traditional paper recycling infrastructure.  Paper cups with EarthCoating with select specifications have successfully completed recyclability and repulpability testing at Georgia Tech’s Institute of Paper Science and Technology, and the Newark Recycling Group.

Traditionally, paper cups and packaging used for hot drinks, cold drinks, and ice cream, have been coated with 100% polyethylene and similar materials. The legacy coatings on paperboards are poor candidates for recycling and often destined for the landfill.   Paper cups with EarthCoating provide great potential for post-consumer recyclability.  Paperboards with EarthCoating technology offer a recyclable alternative for the approximately 700,000 tons of 100% polyethylene-coated paper cup material produced in the US annually.

Recycling collection pilots are being planned such that specific packages can be labeled recyclable subject to FTC Green Guide stipulations.  In addition, cup manufacturing companies can commercially recycle their trimmings, resulting in additional economic and environmental advantages at the point of manufacture.  Newark is actively seeking paperboard materials with EarthCoating from both pre- and post-consumer collections.

“The use of EarthCoating tackles the long standing challenge to find a recyclable material for paper cups.  I believe this to be the technology breakthrough sought by all environmentally conscious retailers, such as coffee shops and other food service providers.  EarthCoating continues to prove itself as a superior technology to 100% polyethylene in applications that require high performance heat seal and barrier requirements,” says Chris Tilton, Chief Technology Officer of Smart Planet Technologies.

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