Replenysh to support closed-loop collections of reCUP® recyclable paper cups for Orange and Los Angeles Counties in California

Recycling specialist’s platform enables simple and rewarding closed-loop collection of breakthrough paper cups engineered for recycling

Newport Beach, CA, July 28th, 2017– Replenysh announces that it will be adding reCUP to the materials in its closed-loop collection ecosystem.

Coffeehouses and other retail locations in Orange and Los Angeles counties that use reCUP paper cups may schedule a pickup with Replenysh to have them brought directly to a recycling facility to get responsibly recycled.  

Traditionally, paper cups have been coated on the interior with polyethylene or other plastics, to form the cup and hold liquid contents. However, this has made paper cups difficult to recycle in standard paper recycling processes. It is estimated that over 15 billion paper coffee cups wind up in U.S. landfills annually.  

The reCUP is a paper coffee cup engineered for recyclability, with a coating that allows the cup to be repulped efficiently in traditional paper recycling systems. This makes the reCUP valuable to the recycling industry – a breakthrough that can ultimately solve the global problem of paper cups in landfills.  

While traditional curbside recyclers have yet to put the processes in place to distinguish the reCUP from other paper cups, the reCUP can be collected separately through the Replenysh platform of haulers and recyclers to ensure that it is recycled into new paperboard packaging.  

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To purchase the reCUP, the first commercially-available paper cup engineered for recycling, and show your beverage customers that you care about the environment, visit  

The reCUP is designed by Smart Planet Technologies of Newport Beach, California.