EarthBoard® Commercially Available For Use In Barrier Carton Applications For Food Packaging

Smart Planet Technologies announces the US commercial availability of Earthboard®, now engineered for use in food packaging applications. EarthBoard has barrier properties for oils, fatty acids, and moisture, making it an innovative eco-smart solution for the packaging of food products in folding cartons. Earthboard‘s mineral-based layer is FDA compliant for direct contact with food. Earthboard is environmentally advantageous for food packaging for the following reasons:

  • Reduces the use of plastic in barrier coatings: The mineral-based layer of Earthboard reduces the use of polyethylene in barrier coatings for food packaging.
  • Saves trees: Earthboard’s mineral-based layer upgrades the brightness and printability of recycled fibers to be comparable to virgin fiberboards, avoiding the need to harvest trees to produce high quality printability in fiberboards for packaging.
  • Improves recyclability: Less plastic from barrier coatings going into the paper recycling stream is better for the recycling efforts in our communities.
  • “Food product and food packaging companies should take a look at the new patent-pending solutions being provided by Smart Planet Technologies. We believe we have fresh and innovative solutions towards their sustainability goals in food packaging”, says Will Lorenzi, President of Smart Planet Technologies, Inc.

Smart Planet Technologies offers eco-smart patent-pending materials for use in rigid, flexible, corrugated and liner packaging applications. For further details about their EarthBoard®, StoneFlex™, EarthDisplay™ and EarthLiner™ products, please visit

Smart Planet Technologies™ is a planet-friendly materials R & D company focused on sustainability for the packaging industry. Through innovation, our products are designed to conserve precious natural resources and provide high quality environmental alternatives for use in a wide range of flexible, rigid, corrugated and liner packaging applications.

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