CupPrint announces license agreement with Smart Planet Technologies to produce reCUP™ recyclable paper cup for UK market

New paper cup technology will provide UK and EU markets with paper cup engineered to be recyclable in standard paper recycling systems  

Cupprint LogoNewport Beach, CA, USA. – May 12, 2017 – CupPrint, a leading manufacturer of paper cups for the UK and EU markets, has licensed the reCUP paper cup technology, and will introduce reCUP in the EU and UK markets to further address the issue of the lack of paper cup recycling.


CupPrint plans to announce a General Availability date of the reCUP paper cup for the EU and UK markets shortly.  The reCUP will be available for order at


Traditionally, paper cups are coated with polyethylene and other polymers to seal the cup and hold the liquid contents.  However, these plastic coatings are incompatible with traditional paper recycling systems, and therefore recyclers typically sort paper cups from waste and recycling collection, and divert the cups to landfill.  In 2016, it was reported in the UK that only one in 400 paper cups were recycled.


Since that time, some coffeehouses have instituted in-store collection of paper cups for recycling by the few specialist recyclers that can recycle traditional paper cups using additional processes.  However, it is estimated that over 80% of paper cups from a coffeehouse are used for take-away and therefore not collected in a store’s waste bin, and will not make it into an in-store paper cup recycling program.  This leaves the vast majority of paper cups to be received by standard residential and commercial waste collection, and typically diverted to landfill.


The reCUP is engineered to be fully processable by standard recycling systems, allowing for the paper materials to be recovered efficiently and economically to be reused in premium recycled paper packaging.  Therefore, the reCUP provides a technology with the potential to address the recycling of all paper cups with an optimal outcome.


About CupPrint CupPrint is a leading manufacturer of paper cups for sale in UK and Europe. CupPrint’s investment in innovative technologies has revolutionized the paper cup market in the last 7 years. CupPrint’s low minimum orders and fast turnaround times has made it possible for even small coffee shops and business to have their own branded paper cups. Cupprint produces designs of unrivaled quality with high resolution printing, unique materials, and bespoke foil stamping/embossing techniques which have helped give even large brands more options when it comes to new design opportunities.


About Smart Planet Technologies Smart Planet Technologies is a materials R&D company focused on sustainability for the packaging industry.  Through innovation, their technologies are focused to conserve precious natural resources and provide high quality, environmental alternatives to a wide variety of rigid, flexible and corrugated packaging applications.