Coffeebar raises the recycling bar by adopting the reCUP®

The specialty coffee company will start using reCUP made with EarthCoating®, which is designed to be recyclable and use 40% less plastic than conventional poly-coated cups

 RENO, NV - September 12, 2019 – At Coffeebar, Greg Buchheister is no stranger to putting customers first. As owner of the specialty coffee company’s six (soon to be ten) locations, he is committed to serving Coffeebar’s unique style of hospitality where sustainability is at the forefront. With the awareness of the daily footprint that coffeeshops leave behind, he ensures his stores are being as responsible to the environment as possible. The latest step is to use recyclable paper cups.  

Conventional paper cups typically end up in landfills because the interior plastic coating is incompatible with paper recycling equipment. Coffeebar will soon be using reCUP, paper cups lined with EarthCoating® that have 40% less plastic, designed to be compatible with paper recycling and made into recycled paper products.  

 “We are relentlessly committed to the pursuit of sustainability in everything we do,” explains Buchheister. “During our search for sustainable takeout packaging, we found reCUP, which aligns with our values of social and environmental responsibility.” 

Once their order of reCUP arrives (mid-September 2019), Coffeebar aims to put together a closed loop recycling program that will allow any used reCUP to be collected for recycling along with their used corrugated boxes, aluminum cans and other recyclables. 

“As a hospitality-focused company, we believe it is our job to care for one another, and that goes way beyond your morning cup of coffee. Treating the earth with respect is one way we hope to show you that we care about you, your grandchildren, and your grandchildren’s grandchildren,” said Buchheister.

Coffeebar hopes to set an example for other coffeehouses to follow and anticipates making use of other paper-based foodservice packaging items made with EarthCoating® in the near future.

 About Coffeebar
Coffeebar was born in the granite of the High Sierras in Truckee, CA in 2010. We are a radically inclusive, community-focused café that serves up the fuel that propels you throughout the day. Serving hand-roasted coffee, high quality food and great beer and wine from the mountains to the bay, we are focused on making positive change in the communities in which we serve our special brand of hospitality! Learn more at or on Instagram @coffeebar.

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