What is EarthCoating®?
EarthCoating® is a highly-mineralized resin alternative to Polyethylene which offers the following benefits:

  1. EarthCoating® uses 40-51% less plastic than Polyethylene.

  2. Paper cups and foodservice packaging made with EarthCoating® can be easily pulped into recycled paper using conventional paper recycling equipment.

  3. EarthCoating® runs on conventional extrusion and converting equipment at high commercial line speeds.

  4. EarthCoating® is a less expensive coating option to bio-resin alternatives.

What applications can EarthCoating® be used for?

EarthCoating® is a drop-in replacement for Polyethylene and may be used in a variety of paper-based barrier packaging applications including:

  1. Hot cups

  2. Cold cups

  3. Food trays

  4. Folding cartons

  5. Ice Cream tubs

  6. Labels / Liners

  7. Corrugated packaging

  8. Flexible packaging (bags, sacks, pouches, etc.)

And more… Visit our Applications page to learn more.

Is EarthCoating® compliant for direct food contact?

Yes, EarthCoating® is compliant for direct food contact. To learn more, visit our Compliance page.

Are paper products made with EarthCoating® repulpable?

Yes, paper products (cups, trays, cartons, etc.), made using EarthCoating® are engineered to be easily pulped into recycled paper using conventional paper recycling equipment. To learn more, download our pulping report.

Are paper products made with EarthCoating® compostable?

Smart Planet Technologies believes that paper-based barrier packaging should be recycled whenever possible. However, we do offer a variety of custom EarthCoating® blends designed to meet specific criteria such as compostability. Contact us to learn more.

Are paper products made with EarthCoating® ok for microwave use?

Smart Planet Technologies offers a mineralized-Polypropylene EarthCoating® blend designed to withstand microwave conditions. Contact us to learn more.

Does EarthCoating® heat seal?

Yes, EarthCoating® heat seals extremely well and provide enhanced fiber tear compared to conventional Polyethylene coatings.

What type of barrier performance does EarthCoating® provide?

Depending on which EarthCoating® blend you make use of will determine the barrier performance. However, EarthCoating® EC-40 (our most commonly used blend), offers waterproof and grease proof barrier performance. Contact us to learn more about testing results including MVTR, Cobb, Canola Oil, 3m Kit Test, etc..

How much does EarthCoating® cost?

The cost of EarthCoating® is determined by which resin blend is used. For example, EarthCoating® EC-40 ( 40% Calcium Carbonate and 60% Low Density Polyethylene) costs 15-25% less than a bio-resin alternative and falls in line with conventional neat polyolefin pricing +/- 5% based on volume. Contact us to learn more.

Why hasn’t my packaging company or paper mill told me about EarthCoating®?

While some vendors may simply not be aware of EarthCoating®, we’ve successfully commercialized millions of paper cups and folding cartons around the world and are happy to bring your incumbent suppliers up to speed on all of the benefits associated with using it to meet your sustainable packaging initiatives. Visit our News page to read about our most recent developments.

Also, despite all of the environmental, economic and performance benefits, innovative technology such as EarthCoating® is often referred to as disruptive and may be seen as an opportunity or threat depending on who you are talking to.

For example, if your incumbent supplier is currently selling you packaging made of Poly-coated paperboard, they may want to keep things as they are for fear that if they introduce something new, they may be increasing their risk of losing your business. At the same time, new vendors trying to earn your business may see EarthCoating® as an opportunity to generate your interest. Either way, EarthCoating® is worthy of serious consideration in support of your sustainable packaging initiatives. Contact us to learn more.

Will my packaging actually get recycled if we use EarthCoating®?

EarthCoating® is not a silver bullet for getting your packaging recycled. Unfortunately, many municipalities, states and countries have different rules and regulations which need to be followed based on the geographic location of where the packaging is being used.

The first step to getting paper-based barrier packaging recycled is to make them valuable and easy for recyclers to process through their conventional paper recycling equipment. Now that packaging made with EarthCoating® addresses these issues, it’s a matter of increasing usage and educating recyclers.

In an effort to get started, we’ve put together multiple closed-loop collection programs which are now recycling post-consumer paper cups and other packaging made with EarthCoating.

Contact us today to learn how you can start recycling paper products made with EarthCoating®.